Tuesday 22 March 2011


UK based CHOK-A-BLOK Ltd is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Bendoro as CHOK-A-BLOK importer within the leisure marine industry and the transportation market in the Benelux region
Hans van der Bend, Sales Director at Bendoro comments “As an established distributor of cargo protection materials in the Benelux region, we were delighted to add the CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard to our catalogue. The CHOK-A-BLOK is a high quality product at a great price and we anticipate that it will be very well-received within this region.”

Linde Martens, Business Development Director at CHOK-A-BLOK Ltd added, “Bendoro operates across the whole of the Benelux and has the experience to support the CHOK-A-BLOK brand throughout this region. In addition to having a strong presence within the transportation market, Bendoro started its business within the marine industry so we are delighted to announce that the company will be working with us in both the leisure marine and transportation sectors.”

Sunday 6 March 2011

CHOK-A-BLOK is showing at the Stockholm International Boat Show 5th - 13th March 2011

Swedish CHOK-A-BLOK distributor Byggplast & Båtprylar is showing the innovative CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard at the Stockholm International Boat Show 2011 for the first time.

Anders Johem, Sales Director at Byggplast & Båtprylar, said, "The CHOK-A-BLOK was well received by boat dealers and owners when we introduced the product to the Swedish market last month. We are confident that the CHOK-A-BLOK display will also attract lots of the attention and interest from visitors to our stand during the show in Stockholm."

Stockholm International Boat Show, 5th - 13th March 2011, stand C07: 21

Friday 4 March 2011


Pro-Boat Ltd has recently been appointed as the UK leisure marine distributor of the innovative CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard. With the introduction of the CHOK-A-BLOK brings a new solution to boat owners ahead of the new season.

As one of the UK's leading wholesale trade suppliers of specialist marine hardware, Pro-Boat Ltd has a strong network of chandleries.
Richard Bavin, Managing Director, commented, "It has been just over two weeks since we were appointed UK leisure marine distributor for the CHOK-A-BLOK and already we have the product placed in many chandleries across the country. I am confident that the number will increase massively over the coming months."

Pro-Boat Ltd is introducing the product to the small boat and dinghy market at this year's 60th RYA Volvo Dinghy Show via its stockists exhibiting at the Show. For information regarding trade supply, pricing and distribution, contact Pro-Boat Ltd by calling +44 (0)1621-785455 or


3rd - 6th March 2011, Hall 6, Stand 641

CHOK-A-BLOK distributor Robert Lindemann KG is introducing the innovative CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard to the Austrian market at this year's boot Tulln, following its appointment as distributor for Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. The CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard is designed to protect surfaces of items during transport from the potential damage caused by ill-fitting or badly protected webbing straps.

Jan Lindemann, Managing Director at Robert Lindemann KG commented, "We are delighted to have been appointed as distributor for Austria and Switzerland. We have been operating in these regions for a number of years and have a strong knowledge of the individual markets. We are looking forward to showing this fantastic product to our customers and visitors to boot Tulln."

Linde Martens, Business Development Director at CHOK-A-BLOK Ltd added, "Robert Lindemann KG is a major supplier of hundreds of top quality marine products and we are pleased to extend its distribution of the CHOK-A-BLOK to the Alps region."

Tuesday 8 February 2011

CHOK-A-BLOKTM Announce appointment of Finnish Distributor

We are pleased to announce the appointment of OY MARITIM AB as our Finnish distributor. They will also act as our distributor for Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Based in Helsinki, they are one of the largest suppliers of accessories in the marine trade in Finland.  OY MARITIM AB  have been doing export business with Russia and Baltic countries for over 25 years and supply over 70 retailers in these areas.
We are confident that OY MARITIM AB will be an excellent partner in bringing CHOK-A-BLOKTM to market in their appointed area.

Friday 4 February 2011

CHOK-A-BLOK™ being launched for Sweden at the Båtmässan Goteborg by BYGGPLAST

CHOK-A-BLOK™ is officially being launched in Sweden at the Båtmässan Goteborg 5-13 February 2011 on stand F01:62 by BYGGPLAST the CHOK-A-BLOK™ Swedish Distributor.
The next Swedish showing with BYGGPLAST will be at the Stockholm International Boat Show 4-13 March 2011.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

CHOK-A-BLOK™ Draws Attention at London Boat Show

CHOK-A-BLOK had a successful appearance at the London Boat Show courtesy of their UK distributor Packer Products. The show presented a great opportunity to discuss the product and its benefits with many end users and retailers alike. We were particularly delighted to hear people comment “the only reason they had attended the show was to see and purchase CHOK-A-BLOK”, with the most common statement being “what a great idea”.
This week sees CHOK-A-BLOK showing at the World’s leading building trade fair BAU in Munich, and at the end of January the Düsseldorf Boat Show.